“Clearing mines, saving lives” – NRK Telethon 23 October 2011

Almost NOK 209 million has been collected for clearance of mines and cluster bombs by the organization Norwegian People´s Aid. Over 100 000 people have walked from door to door, companies have shown their CSR, clubs and associations have collected in fellowship. Norway’s largest charity event has become known as one of the largest campaigns for charity worldwide.

Yesterday, 23 October, the Norwegian annual television campaign – NRK Telethon – was held, under the motto “clearing mines, saving lives”. This year it the donations went to Norwegian People´s Aid and their work with clearing of mines and cluster bombs in war ravaged countries. The organization has received a total sum of NOK 208,919,200.* Norway has nearly 5 million residents, so this means that it is raised a total of NOK 42.47 per capita! The collection yesterday was the second best ever, beaten only by year 2007 where the total was NOK 238 million. The donations that year were for “Together for Children”, collaboration between UNICEF, the Norwegian Confederation of Sports and Right To Play.
* Retrieved from the NRK 24.10.2011 at 11:50 http://www.nrk.no/tvaksjonen/

Norwegian People´s Aid began mine clearance in 1992 after peace was declared in Cambodia in 1991. On the way back from the detention sites in neighboring countries of Cambodia, thousands of refugees were injured or maimed to death. Norwegian People´s Aid thus started with the clearing of mines, and they have done fantastic work! They have been awarded by receiving  the TV campaign this year for the 3rd time. Their work is invaluable, and they have managed  to clear Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda  100% free of mines.

The focus is now on 7 countries, including Tajikistan, which lies on our route to Mongolia. Tajikistan became independent after the resolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, and there is landmines and unexploded ordnance from several civil wars still lying around in the country. The last 10 years there are recorded more than 800 accidents. Norwegian People´s Aid may, by funds from the TV campaign, ensure that this country is mine-free by 2020. It’s very heartwarming that Norwegian People´s Aid is so central to the important work in Tajikistan.

Facts TV campaign 2011 *

  • Was held on 23 October under the motto “We clear for life.”
  • The money goes to the Norwegian organization Norsk Folkehjelp’s efforts to remove landmines and cluster bombs in seven countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Lebanon, Laos, Vietnam, SouthSudan, Guinea Bissau and Tajikistan.
  •  It costs an average of NOK 200 to clear landmines and cluster bombs in an area of 10 square meters.
  •  The TV campaign has been conducted each fall since 1974.
    *Retrieved from Aftenposten 24.10.2011 11:53.


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  1. Adrien says:

    Job well done.

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