Humour in the steppes of Mongolia

I can´t stop smiling from a photo I stumbled upon on the facebook page of Nomaden (a Norwegian travel store) – I just love it! I tried to find the source of the photo, but no luck. I found it spread all over the net though.

The text from the photo hit something in me: Humour – is it species-related or culture related? What do they laugh of in the steppes? Well, let´s think about that for almost a year – and then the Cooking Charity chicks will report straight to you from the steppes of Mongolia about the people, about the camels, about our adventures, about the humour, – and will we find the entertainment as amusing as the local girl and the camel?

3 Responses to “Humour in the steppes of Mongolia”
  1. Mary Ryan says:

    I soooo want to buy a high res photo of this!!!

  2. sadeebitts says:

    it’s a national geographic photo

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