We proudly present: our first sponsor Lions club Ålesund/Vegsund

When Elin did her first trip on her own as a 17-year old, it was by train all the way through Europe to Italy to attend a youth camp to connect with youths from other parts of the world arranged by Lions International. She was supported by the local Lions club in Vegsund, outside Ålesund.
We are very proud to present this local branch of Lions as our first sponsor! We are very proud to be supported by an organization as well-known and renowned as Lions is for all the good work they do all over the world. They have about 46 000 clubs in every corner of the world – including Mongolia.

Lions is a volunteer based organisation which work in their local environment, and their focus is that they want everyone to see a better tomorrow. Their strength is that because they´re local, they can serve the unique needs of the communities they live in – and because they’re global, they can address challenges that go beyond borders.

Lions Ålesund/Vegsund have 39 memebers, and the club celebrates its 30 years anniversary this year. They are involved and support several projects: they have recently supported the investment in a drug dog for a local police officer, they support the Lions´ guide dog school, Beitoleiren (International Youth Camp for Handicapped), they support the building of wells in local communities in Uganda – and now they also support project Mongolia Charity Rally together with the Cooking Charity Chicks!

Lions Ålesund/Vegsund (only in Norwegian)

Lions Norway (only in Norwegian):

Lions International:

Lions Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar:


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