Christmas marked with Cooking Charity Chicks

Christmas is almost here and we are looking very much forward to this peaceful time. Sweets and snacks belong to Christmas, and we sold Christmas snacks and edible gifts at our Christmas market sales. We served warm cauliflower soup with croutons as well, delightful and warm. We also had gingerbread hearts, rye bread crisps and homemade real marzipan with 50% almonds. If you want the recipe of our edible gifts, take a look at Elin´s blog “Taste of Slow” for her recipes of marzipan, gingerbread and rye bread crisps.

Despite that it was a cold winter day and we got freezing cold feet, we were happy to have accomplished a successful event! It is important for us to promote our project for as many people as possible in order to get in contact with passionate people who wants to join us on our project. We will definately have several events throughout the winter and spring and there will be more activities that we will join.

We want to greet all the sponsors who helped on the event: Duni fielded cardboard cups and spoons, Statholdergaarden fielded a mobile kitchen, Augusta sponsored us with food and iCaravan has sent us a wonderful surprise package including a camping table, equipment and chairs! Thanks to you all!

If you are looking for a fun twist on an event – why not hire Cooking Charity Chicks to prepare the food? Nina and Gro are both experienced chefs who have long experience in gourmet kitchen and are experienced in catering. In addition to get your food produces and served, you will at the same time support our project and help us to help children and youths in Mongolia! Please contact us if you are interested.


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