KILROY – Norway´s coolest travel center – sponsor us!

KILROY travel holds special knowledge of travel around the whole globe. For over 20 years they have helped adventurous travellers to fulfill their dreams. They offer both adventure travels to destinations worldwide and customized travel for those who want to plan more on their own with help from experts. They are particularly aimed at students and youths, but their journeys are also suitable for adults who are young at heart! They emphasize that all their tour guides are English speaking and that they are either locals or know the environment very well. They also focus on giving you special experiences off the beaten track.

We particularly like that Kilroy inspires you to look at the journey itself as much an experience as to reach the destination! I (Elin) have traveled several long journeys by bus in Africa – and despite that the standard is far from what we here in Norway consider to be good and that the trips have lasted up to 30 hours, it’s memories for life! Off course we all love this philosophy since we will spend 7-8 weeks on four wheels before we reach our final destinastion: Mongolia!

We are so fortunate to have with Kilroy as a sponsor, and it help us getting closer to our goal: to buy a car and transport it to Mongolia! Kilroy have destinations and adventure travels in several countries we are travelling through – including Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan – and also in Mongolia. We have already got much information about the countries we are travelling through on Kilroys webpages, and we look forward to getting more inspiration from them before we start our journey!

Thanks to KILROY for supporting us!


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