We are three Norwegian teams aiming to donate cars in Mongolia in 2012!

Photo by Martin V MorrisMissing participating countrymen we run an update of all teams of Mongolia Charity Rally (MCR) and Rally Monglia (RM) 2012. It turns out we are not the only rally team known for the cheese cutter, cross country skiing and ice bears. Two men, Roger and Hans Petter, are joining RM under the name NorMongol. They will collect money to The Norwegian Cancer Society and Lotus Children’s Centre in Mongolia. Read more about Hans Petter and Roger HERE. The other team is Viking 1. We don’t have any information about this team yet, but hope to get in contact with them soon.

The Lotus Children’s Centre Charitable Trust is dedicated to give care, a home and education to orphans, abused and abandoned children in Mongolia. The centre was established in 1993 by Australian Didi Kalika. She started by giving food and basic medical help to street-children in Ulan Bator. Later she built a house in the Yarmag district, on the edge of the capital. A consequence of the hard economic conditions in Mongolia led to more abandoned babies and children, and the project grew bigger. In 1997 Didi founded a kinder garden, and this again was followed by The Lotus Primary School. Read more on their website.

Norwegian Cancer Society is a Norwegian nationwide ideal organisation for voluntary work. The work of the Cancer Society is based on collected funds, testamentary gifts and lottery funds. The society has approx. 110 000 members. The history of the society started in 1938. Its main priorities are research, prevention, health education and cancer care. The society is also one of Norway’s most substantial contributors to cancer research. In 2010 the society donated 140 millions Norwegian Kroner to research. Contributions from donators enable the Cancer Society to finance hundreds of research projects.

Photo by Martin V MorrisDuring the last months we have been in contact with several participants both in MCR and RM, mainly from Great Britain and USA as it is many teams from these countries. As we are driving more or less the same route and most probably all will need assistance along the way, it would be useful to share experience, information and news both before and during the race.

During the 2012 race it is a large majority of UK teams. There are also several teams from Canada and USA, Australia, Germany Spain, the Netherlands and Finland – and many teams from other small nations in Europe. There are also two Norwegians driving in a mix-team. Of the more exiting teams is a fathers-sons peace team from Israel, one mix-team with an Indian, a Portuguese and a French all living in Spain, 3 student team from St. Andrews University in Scotland who traditionally have tours every summer, some Kiwi teams from New Zealand and a gang of JuJitsu masters from USA! With other words we are looking forward to an interesting mixture of people who want to drive this long rally to donate different cars to needed ones in Ulan Bator within August 2012.

We have become aquatinted with the boys in The Lusty Ladies from Seattle and KanKanVan from UK. Both teams are funny and engaged ralliers. Now we are looking forward to share preparations for the rally with both them and with Hans Petter and Roger!

Update per January 19, 2012

401 teams in total
373 from Rally Mongolia
28 from Mongolia Charity Rally
3 Norwegian teams: NordMongol, Viking 1 and our team
3 Swedish teams: Minotauro, Swedish Rally Charity Team and The Sweeds
5 Danish teams: Mongol Mavericks, TBA, SOS, LockoMoto and Nettobuild.dk
Plus Marco Polo with 1 Norwegian and 1 Swedish, and TBA with 1 Norwegian

If you see any mistakes on the facts in the text, please notify us.

Written by Gro.

2 Responses to “We are three Norwegian teams aiming to donate cars in Mongolia in 2012!”
  1. dhruv boruah says:

    hey .. excellent job in the website and the content 😉 love it !!! i hope all the prep is going on great !!! This is the indian from “The Improbables” from Madrid !!! We have started a FB group and I think it would be a good idea to share information etc in the group to lean from each other. What do you think ?

    cheers !!! – dhruv

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