We have a new sponsor: Køltzow support our charity dinners and donate money for the project!

We have always had a good relation with our supplier Køltzow. Continuing this relation, they have now decided to be a part of our project, here in Oslo and all the way to Ulaan Baator! They donate money directly to the purchase of the car which we will donate in Mongolia in late August. We are very happy that they choose to support volunteer work and that we can do this together. They will also, despite of a somewhat unusual project … Continue reading

Norwegian TV show with Eyvind Hellstrøm

We can finally shout out that our own Nina is part of the prestigious TV show “Hellstrøm’s master chef” in Norway! (Hellstrøms mesterkokk) We are very proud to have our tough girl in this program. Nina is a woman with meanings and missions in life. The joy of cooking has its share, but luckily Nina has … Continue reading

Four-course dinner with Cooking Charity Chicks at Statholderens Mat og Vinstue.

We are ready for the first charity dinner by the Cooking Charity Chicks! If you are in Oslo and would like to enjoy a great four course dinner in a wonderful ambience, then you should join us! In addition to enjoy delicious food in great company by our family, friends and sponsors you can also … Continue reading

A new sponsor on the team!

BAMA is the largest supplier of fresh and ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables in Norway, and we are proud to have they on our team of sponsors! You can vitist their webpage HERE  (only in Norwegian) and you will also find them on Facebook. BAMA will support us with fruits and vegetables for the charity dinners … Continue reading