We have a new sponsor: Køltzow support our charity dinners and donate money for the project!

We have always had a good relation with our supplier Køltzow. Continuing this relation, they have now decided to be a part of our project, here in Oslo and all the way to Ulaan Baator!

They donate money directly to the purchase of the car which we will donate in Mongolia in late August. We are very happy that they choose to support volunteer work and that we can do this together. They will also, despite of a somewhat unusual project in the restaurant industry, support us with raw materials for our charity dinners.

“The best ingredients from nature’s larder”
From Køltzow we get fresh fish and shellfish, game and berries.  You may buy products from Køltzow in selected fish mongers. Køltzow supplies its products to 200 or so restaurants, hotels, catering companies and fish shops / fish counters. You can read more about Køltzow here: http://www.koltzow.no/
We are happy to have Køltzow on our team, and for you who comes to our Sunday dinner the 19th of February, enjoy!

Greetings to Jan and Christer at Køltzow!


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