We met Øystein and Rune from Team Bachstad – Rally Mongolia 2011!

Monday this week we met Øystein and Rune, two funny guys who drove Rally Mongolia the summer of 2011. With great enthusiasm they told us about their experiences and we discussed happily as we asked question after question after question:) One sentence would overlap another.

We loved talking to someone who actually has detailed answers to a lot of our questions. It was fantastic! We think the guys enjoyed talking with such enthusiastic girls as well J For almost half an hour we were looking at the world map and pointing at cities, border crossings, mountains and roads we might come across.

All information is informative, but seldom is it communicated in such a funny, interesting and joyful manner. There are several forums and blogs about the rally online, but rumors and truth gets mixed up to the same extent as experiences are perceived differently from one to another. By searching the web you will find a lot, and by conference calls with the organizers of the rally you will get general facts like dates and requirements. But experiences, avoidance, where you cannot camp, how to behave during Ramadan, where Norwegian mobiles do does not function, where you risk a fine for driving on the road markings – and where there are no roads at all! Where you at the border of a country must sign where you will leave the same country, the countries that accepts only fresh dollar bills, where you can find ATMs and more – where you cannot find them! Øystein and Rune, aka Team Bachstad, have their own very personal experience. Thank you for sharing so much good and useful stuff with us!

Follow Øystein and Runes experiences – stay tuned with Team Bachstad, NRK1 Thursdays at 20:15!
If it increases the appetite – follow us at this year’s rally with updates on this blog in July and August!

Written by Gro

One Response to “We met Øystein and Rune from Team Bachstad – Rally Mongolia 2011!”
  1. Jonah Jones says:


    Some friend and I became very close with these two whilst enduring the mongolian steppe on mopeds, they were like dads to us. However on returning home we all managed to loose our contact details for them, Would you possibly be able to reunite us?



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