Northern Norway – extraordinary exotic

Photo: Graham Austick / Lyngen Lodge

It does not have to be warm and sunny to be exotic, it must be extraordinary. Northern Norway is exotic.

Norway is a beautiful country. I think we Norwegians tend to forget it. We do not actually know, or we won’t discover it before we have travelled enough to look back at ourselves and appreciate what we have. Off course we must not forget that exotic for us Norwegians is the islands of the Caribbean, the pyramids of Egypt, the Himalayas and Pyrenean. To me Norway it is beautiful, extremely beautiful, but exotic? Yes- It does not have to be warm and sunny to be exotic, it must be extraordinary.

Lately I have spend quite some time in Olderdalen, on the eastern side of the alps of Lyngen, (Lyngsalpene). The area is stunning. The scenario views, the air, the white snow, the colorful sun, the midnight sun, the northern lights. It got it all. All except the society with the industry that comes with it. That is why it is so marvelous. There is nowhere to be that is closer to pure. I have been here many times since that first time two years ago and I will come back again and again.

The Lyngen Alps are among the finest you can see of nature up here at this time of year, as we go from darker to brighter days. When the sun finally shines over the mountains in january, it shines up the towering Alps with a fabulous horizontal light. Tromsø celebrated the rice of the sun the 16th of January, the day that they saw the contour of the sun for the first time in 2 months. The sun was visible for 31 minutes more the second day, and with the speed of an average of 13 minutes more sunlight each day it raises so fast that you clearly see a difference in the light and the colors of the sky from day to day. The closer to summer we get the longer the sun will be visible. The 18th of May the inhabitants of Tromsø will have the chance to celebrate again as it will be the first night of the midnightsun, when the sun will be visible all night long.

As I imagine the steppes of Mongolia, the glorious mountains of Kyrgyzstan and the green gardens in Russia, many people sees the extensive plains of the north. The most extraordinary, pure beauty of nature. It is a memory for life. It is still left to be explored for so many people, including most Norwegians. Us who have been here have changed our view of exotic – for Northern Norway is exotic.

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Sources: Tromsø

Written by Gro


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