We are the proud owners of an ambulance!

Some time back we made a decision in our project: we want to get an ambulance to drive to Mongolia! Why? Because Go Help has an already existing ambulance project in Mongolia: they “lease out” the ambulances for free, and the institution who uses it pays for the operating expenses. However, Go Help cater the service and maintenance expenses – so we know that the car we deliver will be used for years in the ambulance services of Mongolia.

The big challenge was to find a car of good standard which we could afford. After hours of phone calls and research to find the perfect ambulance, we got an offer! The Ambulance personell professional organization (AMPY)  got involved after we asked them for help – and they had found an ambulance for sale. We are now the proud owners of a Ford Transit T350! It is a 2006 model, and have only driven 115 000 km! Now we have a car which exceeds our wildest dreams – for the fantastic price of 30 000 NOK (3900 Euro).

Thanks so much to AMPY for helping us find this car – and to the health institution who sold us the ambulance for this fantastic price! Thanks also to Åge for all the practical help – and to Chris, Per-Helge and Øystein for support on car-issues and logistics of people and cars!

Written by Elin


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