Remember duct tape!

No matter how prepared one seems to be, the thing you needs is just not what you have a back up off.

During a drive over 1/3 of the globe, at one moment (or 20) you will be unprepared, there is no chance you won’t! So what you must define is, how prepared are you for the unprepared? How unprepared can you be? As a chef I tell people who learns to cook perfect pasta: “Put in as much salt as you think you need for the amount of boiling water, then add twice as much.” Now we are preparing for driving a truck, and no one of us has knowledge about motors. How much do we prepare? We can only learn so much. But, we can bring what it takes to fix any problems, so that mechanics can help us more easily along the way. So what can we bring to be prepared? I would say: “Bring as much as I think I need, then bring twice as much.” But you can only bring so much, and there the wheel spins around again. So what you really need in one universal thing. One object, that keeps your car stick together and your hart stay in place. It is used more commonly in, on and under older rusty cars than to stick posters to the wall. I’m talking about duct tape. One for all, all for one.

Adam and Jamie from MythBusters tested out “surviving on an island” with only duct tape. A funny episode, they actually manage to make what it takes to survive! And even to move on with supplies of wather. And duct tape is as good for travelling, as it is for surviving, it can be used to make, let’s say: anything.  Check out their experiences her.


Written by Gro

2 Responses to “Remember duct tape!”
  1. Otabek says:

    Helen how are you? I’m from UZBEkistan.PSKENT REGION OTABEK.YOU KNow me?answere my later

    • rallychicks says:

      Otabek! How nice to hear from you! Off course I and we all remember, we are still thrilled and we are looking so much forward to put out some pictures from our visit. I will go back to Norway tomorrow, and I will work with the pictures for you both soon. Best wishes and greetings to everyone! Helene

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