We’re the Cooking Charity Chicks – our mission is to promote the solidarity spirit in people by showing that each and one of us can make an effort to create a better world for all.

Why “Cooking Charity Chicks”? Because we want to promote charity and we are excellent at cooking! We will use our knowledge to arrange events where we cook, and in this way raise money for the project and to charity before we leave Norway. Along the way, we will also focus on cuisine from west to east on our blog to engage YOU to follow our blog, and to give you a glimpse of a small part of all the cultures we visit. Perhaps we are able to inspire some of you to travel to distant countries you have never considered visiting? We also hope that you enjoy our initiative so much that you decide to support us – you can do that HERE. Food is our theme, while our purpose is charity and development. Here is a presentation of the three of us behind the project:

Gro Helene Andersen

Raised in the maritime city of Sandefjord, with a grandfather who worked in whaling in the Antarctic, an uncle in the big America, and parents who travel the world, I was early tempted to explore and discover. I headed out when I was 20, has spent many years in the Netherlands, England and France. I have been living like a Kookgek! (a nerdy food lover) in the international environment of great restaurants. In the restaurant world I have grown an interest of organization theory, cooperation across culture and religions.

Travel, people and culture covers a major field of my interests. I love facts and science, and I have a curious view on life. My purpose of the trip is to  experience and learn about the cohesion of communities and nations. By passing around 20 countries, by living with each culture, by traveling across villages and towns, I will be absorbing the lives, the thoughts of simple human beings I never would have known existed. I want to create an understanding of cultural and creative knowledge in the circumstances of different cultures. I want to learn about the habits of food and the pleasure or need of nutrition, in countries where life and living has a different value
than to our lives in the Western world.

Sleepless, courageous and adaptable, I am ready to step on this train, roll up the sleeves and look for the countries and cultures that are to be experienced, far away along the horizon. I am ready to start the journey towards the unknown rainbow in the Far East.

You can find me online here:

Nina Kristoffersen

I’m 34 years old,born and grew up in Oslo. I’ve always loved cooking, maybe that’s why I ended up in a kitchen 14 years ago! It’s an amazing world, and despite lot of hard work also lot of fun. Today, I’m sous-chef at Statholdergaarden,one of the best restaurants in Norway.

Beside work,I love kickboxing and boxing, and did my first competition some years ago. I do it for fun. I’m a real bad cross country skier, so it’s a lie that every Norwegian is good at it. Give me sun and sand under my feet, and I’m happy.

I have great interest in foreign food culture and to explore new cultures. Life itself is an one way journey. In 2001/2002 I did 4 months in Vietnam,China,Thailand and Australia, and in 2006 I backpacked through Central America, Ecuador and Peru. So much memories and experiences to grow from – and I did.

The areas we want to explore in this trip are not often mentioned in media, and I look forward to learn more about their way of living and cooking.

Elin Reitehaug

I´m a food lover and food microbiologist, who work with research and food poisoning bacteria. I have an interest for all living things in the food we eat – especially in vegetables and water.

I´m curious about the world, and never get satisfied from impressions and experiences. I have travelled 6-8 weeks in Asia and Africa each of the last four years. I am independent and happy to take whatever the day brings for me, and I like the impulsive way of travelling. During my travels I have worked as a volunteer in an elephant farm, on a music festival in the desert, with sanitation and re-use of water – which is closely related to food production and food hygiene in countries where water is a limited recourse. I am really looking forward to a trip through so many different countries and cultures to see how people live, cultivate and eat in the different areas we will pass through.

I am an active member of Couchsurfing, which short summarized is: live for free at the couch of a local when you travel. When you cannot travel yourself – invite the world to your house instead! It is a nice way of meeting new people, and you make friends all over the world.

I like photographing and writing, and you find me online several places:
Twitter: @tasteofslow
Foodblog: http://tasteofslow.com
Travelblog: http://elinsworld.wordpress.com


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