Tell me and I’ll forget
Show me and I may remember
Involve me and I’ll understand
We need your help – and so do the children and youths in Mongolia!

Cooking Charity Chicks is registered as a volunteer organization in Norway. Everything we do are dependent on volunteerism and donations.  Mongolia Charity Rally, which we will participate in, is a charity rally where all the collected money will be directly donated to humanitarian work in one of the world´s poorest countries – Mongolia. The car will also be donated to charity in Mongolia.

How can you help us?

  • You can support us economically! We need to collect enough money to buy a car – and we want to collect enough money to buy a useful
    car, like an ambulance or a van. We will soon get back with a handy payment solution for your donation!
  • You can donate money directly to our fundraising. All the money collected here will be directly donated to
    work in Mongolia. A link to our fancy fundraising page on Betterplace will be ready soon.

Projects we will support:

  • Go Help, the organization behind Mongolia Charity Rally. They have several projects in Mongolia through their local branch. They work to build up the ambulance service in Mongolia, and every year several ambulances are donated through the Mongolia Charity Rally. They have a co-operation with Save the Children on protection of children´s rights, and they work to get a better system to take care of childen who are poor or other difficulties in life. You will find more information on the projects HERE.
  • Lions Mongolia.  Lions have local branches in every corner of the world. We believe that local people who know their communities well are the best ones to see where the money are needed. We will donate some of our fundraised means to the local Lions club in Ulan Bator, but we will require that the money are used in projects for children and youths.
  • We are still early in the process, and we may choose a few more local Mongolian charities to support. However, we will guarantee that
    EVERYTHING will be donated to projects with children and youths.

We are grateful for your support!


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