This page will be dedicated to our sponsors and assistants in the project.

It will be updated as we get sponsorships.

Would you like to sponsor us? Please contact us, and we will work out something that makes us all happy!

We need funds for a vehicle and for expences on the road, and we will also need alot of equipment for the trip!

Thanks to KILROY travel for supporting our project economically, we are getting closer to a car which we will donate in Mongolia! KILROY travels is Norway`s coolest travel company for adventurous people, and they have destinations all over the world. Visit their homepage and dream about your next travel!

Thanks to Comfort for supporting our project economically – we are even closer to a car! Comfort is the eldest plumber company in Norway, and they have stores all over Norway. If you need plumber services you will find more about them HERE.

We are grateful to Lions Ålesund/Vegsund for their contribution to help us to help! They have sponsored us with money that will help us on the way to be able to buy a car which will be donated in Mongolia. You will find more about Lions Ålesund/Vegsund HERE.

Thanks to Statholdergaarden for helping us with arrangements for fundraising. They have loaned us a mobile kitchen when we need it, and they let us use their locals at “Statholderens Mat og Vinkjeller” so we can arrange charity dinners. If you`re up for a fancy dinner in Oslo, visit their web pages for menu and information.

Thanks to iCaravan  which support us with equipment we will need on the way to Mongolia! They have a great webstore with equipment for campinglife, and they rent out caravans in the northern part of Norway.

Thanks to Bama Storkjøkken who support fruit ang vegetables for the charity dinners we will arrange this spring. BAMA is the largest supplier of fresh and ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables in Norway, and we are proud to be supported by them!



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