We are the proud owners of an ambulance!

Some time back we made a decision in our project: we want to get an ambulance to drive to Mongolia! Why? Because Go Help has an already existing ambulance project in Mongolia: they “lease out” the ambulances for free, and the institution who uses it pays for the operating expenses. However, Go Help cater the … Continue reading

We are three Norwegian teams aiming to donate cars in Mongolia in 2012!

Photo by Martin V Morris

Missing participating countrymen we run an update of all teams of Mongolia Charity Rally (MCR) and Rally Monglia (RM) 2012. It turns out we are not the only rally team known for the cheese cutter, cross country skiing and ice bears. Two men, Roger and Hans Petter, are joining RM under the name NorMongol. They … Continue reading

Mongolia Charity Rally vs. Mongol Rally – now what´s the difference?

Just before we decided to sign up for the rally to Mongolia we discovered that we had been reading on different sites, and had different information on some things. The Mongolia Charity Rally (MCR) and the Mongol Rally (MR)  both start in London and end in Ulaan Baatar – but the MR  start one week … Continue reading

Humour in the steppes of Mongolia

I can´t stop smiling from a photo I stumbled upon on the facebook page of Nomaden (a Norwegian travel store) – I just love it! I tried to find the source of the photo, but no luck. I found it spread all over the net though. The text from the photo hit something in me: … Continue reading

What can we expect in Mongolia?

Mongolia has for thousands of years been little explored. Without doubt because of the fact that it has had little value in the world market. There are no silk roads, spice smugglers, nor export of precious value. Mongolia is a poor country, closed in between Russia and China. The country is a golden treasure for … Continue reading